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Our story and name was born out of a chance meeting between Alisha Henry a graphic designer & Boris Rabusseau a 3D artist. United by a common desire, that of pushing the limits of diverse graphical universes as to better blend them, and as such create visual link with today's events allowing us to better question them.

Our life paths are quite diverse: We are both coming from the graphical art domain while having also evolved in a slew of different environments such as architecture, interior design, advertisement and typography.

Since 1992 we have been using techniques based on new technology to explore new forms of arts: Vjing, Interactive Projects, Virtual Reality, Procedural Imagery, and other Conceptual 3D techniques.

We are inhabited by a strong desire to explore graphical forms. Indeed, at a time where digital media and videography are the golden child of the institutions that be. We wish to put into question the possible interaction between traditional painting and the digital sphere.

Painting will never cease to surprise us and we also wish desire to delve even further within the digital world as to better the "mise en scene" of our work. Art can be a source of leisure, an elegant gift to entertain or nowadays especially in an over pessimistic fashion highlight the disorders of the world which we inhabit. Our goal is to not succumb to the tentations of both extremes all the while questioning our surroundings in an elegant and sensitive fashion.

A way of transcribing and translating the world in a subtle & creative display, A way of expressing and putting elements in a paradoxical transpositions of meaning and intent.

Facing the weight of the world, we must oppose the impetus of a tender and meaningless lightness, Instead we strive to question the accessibility of beauty and create pieces giving us a glimpse of this abstraction by the use of elegant geometrical forms, in perpetual motions like an never ending cycle of rebirth that make up the very fabric of life.

This life which vibrates, like the buzzing of a bird's wings as it flies by like a breath in the air or the rhythmic pulses which animate our creations. We found that sometimes it is necessary to squint our eyes as to better see, to better measure a presence or an absence, to feel an emptiness or a vacuum, through which reaching a state of enlightenment capable of fulfilling us.

It is of our opinion that the true imperative and challenge of today is to enjoy life all the while keeping a sharp critical mind when looking at new technology be it their intrusiveness and/or their energy and environmental footprints and impacts.

We chose to abstract, remake, deconstruct, paint.

Geometrization is our way to animate our works or in other words to find in an elegant and paradoxal fashion a way to mathemize our realities.

We have always combined traditional painting and the digital.